Policies and Commitments

Our workplace safety and quality policies ensure a healthy working environment for our customers, staff, business partners, and subcontractors. Our culture of continuous improvement ensures the development of innovative and sustainable practices, allowing us to foster positive public relations within the communities in which we operate.

Our Policies

To set targets for improvement, supported by measures and indicators, appraisals, and performance reports.
To incorporate risk management approaches to the full scope of our activities, products,and services, and to always be risk aware to reduce potential hazards.
To engage in effective consultation and open communication in relation to QHSSE concerns, incorporating all representatives of our workforce and addressing the wider workplace.
To provide clear instructions and supporting information, and adequate training, to ensure all employees are confident and qualified to carry out their duties

Our Commitments

To prevent workplace accidents and cases of work related ill health, with a zero incident target
To protect and preserve the environment through the implementation of sustainable development initiatives
To maintain a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions
To ensure transparency in reporting on QHSSE topics
To play a leading role in promoting best practices within the industry
To maintain positive and mutually supportive relationships within the communities in which we operate

At all levels of management, meaningful and effective leadership is provided to all staff on health, safety, and environmental issues. Elite Drilling Company ensures that all employees are responsible for compliance with regulatory agreements. Adherence to our internal QHSSE Management System is mandatory, and this enables us to uphold the highest safety standards. Explore our QHSSE Handbook for more information.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (QHSSE) TRAINING

We believe that the best investment that can be made is investing in people. Elite Drilling Company proactively prevents workplace accidents and incidents through engineering design procedures, our robust QHSSE Management System, and routine training programs. Our aim is to enhance the individual competency of our workforce, and to incorporate hazard recognition and awareness into our fast paced drilling operations. Our training programs are tailored to specific job positions for each and every member of our organization to ensure all employees and associated workforces understand and appreciate how to work effectively and in a safe manner. Please see the ‘Training Courses’ section below for information on specific courses provided.

Training courses

Basic Fire Fighting
Confined space entry
Confined space entry
Load securing
Load securing
Crane supporting
Crane supporting
First Aid
First Aid

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